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Gorgeous Galleries Art
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       Our host is a vital key to our business. We value and appreciate each one of them. The host is able to take advantage of deeply discounted and/or free artwork. Booking a show is a partnership formed between the Art Consultant, and their host. They each have a part in the success of the show.

       The host schedules their date to host a show, and their date is blocked on the calendar. The host is responsible for over-inviting guests, getting the RSVP list, any special art requests to share with their Consultant, providing the refreshments for their guests, and of course, to have FUN!

       The Art Consultant is responsible for setting up and presenting the artwork, assisting the guests with custom

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framing selections, making sure the guest have fun, working together with the host to book future parties, and makes sure the host is HAPPY.

     After a successful show presentation, (which includes minimum show sales are met with 2 future art show bookings), the host gets to choose which artwork they want to receive deeply discounted and/or free.

     Consultants are always available to come out to the host's home and present the artwork. For those who don't like to do shows and parties, we are happy to schedule a personal appointment (one-on-one) at the Showroom or at the individual's home or office.

What are the advantages of booking a show? And how does a person go about it?
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